Luxe Life Productions

Luxe Life Productions is a digital media agency providing premium videography & photography for real estate and other luxurious endeavors.
April 2019
Logo, Branding, Business Cards, Clothing

My Role

Consultant & graphic designer for the complete project, from ideation to execution and handoff of all deliverables.

01 - Logo Design Overview

We identified what values are at the core of Luxe Life Productions, and what their goals are in the future. I created a logo that is truly Luxe. The result was a logo that is sophisticated, simplistic, creative, and identifiable in all mediums.

02 - Logo Mark

The logo mark is designed in the form of a diamond that represents luxury and the quality of the work they produce. The line work has a capital "L" baked into the shape of the diamond, and the lines are intentionally thick to evoke the bold and strength of the brand. The lines that form the diamond move in a circular direction, representing the production nature of the business.

03 - Logotype

The logotype for the Luxe Life Productions is simple, clean, elegant, and luxurious. The type combines a premium-feeling serif font for "Luxe Life" with some custom type accents, and a clean and minimal san-serif font for "Productions" to compliment the type as a whole.

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