Mobicuts is the first fully licensed mobile barbershop in Massachusetts, providing a convenient & exclusive experience for its clients.
April 2020
Logo, Branding, Stationary, Van Wrap Design

My Role

Consultant & graphic designer for the complete project, from ideation to execution and handoff of all deliverables.

01 - Logo Design

The Mobicuts logo takes inspiration from the famous industry barber pole, and puts a unique spin on it, conveying motion, convenience, and precision.

02 - Business Cards

The business cards I designed for Mobicuts have a very minimalistic aesthetic, emphasizing the high-quality and unique service Mobicuts offers to their clients. Mobicuts is all about standing out.

03 - Van Wrap Design

Since this is a mobile barbershop, the RV van needed to have an eye-catching design when it's driving down the road, or posted up at your local businesses servicing clients.

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