Redline Dumpster Rentals

Redline Dumpster Rentals offer high-quality dumpster rentals, at affordable prices, no matter the type of project you're working on.
July 2022
Consultant, Logo Design

My Role

Consultant and logo designer

01 - Logo Design Overview

The Redline Dumpster Rentals logo is inspired by Matt's Firefighter roots and his care to serve his clients with fast & reliable service.

02 - The Logo Mark

The logo mark is a capital "R" where the linework is a play on "Redline" with a heartbeat line incorporated in the base of the "R" to evoke fast service and how they take care of their clients.

03 - The Logotype

The logotype for Redline Dumpster Rentals is a custom italicized wordmark with little accents in each glyph to represent the speedy service they provide to their clients.

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