Unleashed Athletics

Unleashed Athletics is a personal training and health & wellness brand. Unleashed Atheltics is all about feeling welcoming, inviting, and encouraging.
June 2023
Logo design

My Role

Consultant and logo designer

01 - Logo Design

This logo design aimed to create a mark that was unique, memorable, and had a combined feeling of fierceness, health, and belonging.

02 - The Logo Mark

The logo mark is inspired by the facial profile of a lion, bringing in the feeling of strength & pride. The lion face is seen in the negative space of a kettlebell, being the nature of the Unleashed's business. Also found within the negative space in the grip of the kettlebell is a heart, bringing that notion of health and loving your body.

03 - The Logotype

The logotype is intended to be fun, but also entirely custom. It adds to the jungle vibe of the brand, yet is clean and will print well on various mediums such as wall prints, t-shirts, hats, stickers and more.

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